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  • turningpointsSafeguarding Australia 2017: the 14th National Security Annual Summit will be on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017 at QT Canberra. 

    Competing priorities, growing threats and increasing complexity will continue to present fundamental challenges to Australia’s national security agenda in the coming years.

    Public and private security professionals — policy makers, practitioners and providers — will be forced to address a wide range of issues which have developed over recent decades and continue to grow, such as violent extremism, cyber threats (from lone and state actors), border control and legislation.

    In coming years, they will need to also contend with the security issues inherent in societal issues, adding known-unknown dimensions to an already complex national security agenda, most notably an ageing population, technology creeping into all facets of life, and diversity in the workplace reflecting an increasingly cosmopolitan society.

    Safeguarding Australia 2017 will help face those challenges and shape the security agenda, by taking as its most demanding theme to date: Security at a Turning Point — Innovation, Leadership and DiversityRead more.


    National Security Science & Innovation Forum 2016

    unnamedThe theme of Identity Management will be explored at the 2016 Safeguarding Australia Conference, through a ½ day National Security Science and Innovation stream.

    For those Australians working at the frontline of our National Security, identity management is a key challenge. Our capacity to preserve Australia’s border integrity is becoming increasingly challenging given the projected growth in people and cargo movements into Australia. In the coming years, increasingly sophisticated approaches to identity theft threaten to undermine our policing efforts. Read more.


    2016 Keynote Speakers Announced


    The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

    Mr Dutton was appointed as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in December 2014 having served as Minister for Health and Minister for Sport from September 2013 after the election of the Coalition Government. In Opposition he served as Shadow Minister for Finance, Competition Policy and Deregulation before being appointed as Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing in 2008. Mr Dutton was first elected to the Australian Parliament as the Member for Dickson in November 2001 at the age of 30. Read full biography.



    PRIME (Preventing, Interdicting and Mitigating Extremism)

    PRIME (Preventing, Interdicting and Mitigating Extremism) is a major EU-funded international research project and will be presented by a team of European academics aiming to improve understandings of lone actor terrorism and to inform the design of social and physical counter-measures for the prevention of lone-actor radicalisation, the disruption of lone-actor terrorist plots, and the mitigation of terrorist attacks carried out by lone extremists. Find out more.

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