PhD National Security Workshop 2009

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    5 August 2009, Canberra

    This workshop aimed to continue previous efforts by the RNSA to build a network of PhD researchers and match PhD researchers with national security staff who may be interested in their work.

    Specifically for PhD researchers, this workshop provided an opportunity to:

    • develop a network with other researchers working in a similar research space;
    • learn of research needs from the practitioner community;
    • present and discuss your research;
    • learn about how to conceptualise your research in policy terms;
    • learn about how to develop strategies to engage policy-makers;
    • become informed of the range of employment opportunities open to you; and
    • meet delegates representing the national security community who may be interested in the outcome of your research project.
    About the Workshop

    The workshop was held during the first day of Safeguarding Australia 2009 Conference 5th August 2009 in Canberra. PhD participants were able to attend either of the two forums; the Resilience Practitioners’ and Researchers’ Forum or the Security and Safety Professionals’ Forum on 6 August 2009.

    Workshop delegates were welcomed to attend the Safeguarding Australia Conference dinner if they wished.

    About the Research Network for a Secure Australia

    This event is organised by the Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA). RNSA is a multi-disciplinary collaboration established to strengthen Australia’s research capacity for protecting critical infrastructure (CIP) from natural or human caused disasters including terrorist acts. The RNSA facilitates a knowledge-sharing network for research organisations, government and the private sector to develop research tools and methods to mitigate emerging safety and security issues relating to critical infrastructure. World-leaders with extensive national and international linkages in relevant scientific, engineering and technological research will lead this collaboration. The RNSA also organises various activities to foster research collaboration and nurture young investigators.