National Security Science & Innovation Forum

  • National Security Science and Innovation Forum at Safeguarding Australia (Q Hotel Canberra 11/12 May 2016)

    NS S&I “Identity Management” stream summary


    For those Australians working at the frontline of our National Security, identity management is a key challenge. Our capacity to preserve Australia’s border integrity is becoming increasingly challenging given the projected growth in people and cargo movements into Australia. In the coming years, increasingly sophisticated approaches to identity theft threaten to undermine our policing efforts.

    A robust and effective Identity Management capability requires Australia’s national security community to build capabilities that protect Australia’s citizens and subvert the activities of criminals and terrorists, without unduly impacting on us as we go about our everyday activities.

    S&T helps our police and border force agencies by improving their capacity to detect and identify persons of interest through a combination of conventional and non-conventional biometrics, pattern recognition, data analytics and information exploitation tools.

    The theme of Identity Management will be explored at the 2016 Safeguarding Australia Conference, through a ½ day National Security Science and Innovation stream. This will be held on Wednesday May 11, 2016. Please direct any questions to Dr Peter Dortmans (



    Draft Agenda

    1330-1400                  Introduction and scene setting (Session Chair, Dr Paul Johnson – Program Leader National Security Science and Technology, Defence Science and Technology Group)

    1400-1430                  Identity Management- emerging S&T challenges and opportunities (Dr Jennie Clothier, Chief Scientist – Department of Immigration and Border Protection

    1430-1450                  Legal Issues Arising from Biometric Identity Management (Angus Willoughby, Melbourne Law School – University of Melbourne)

    1450-1510                  Break

    1510-1530                  Biometrics Research at DST Group (Dr Robin Nicholson, Biometrics, Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence)

    1530-1550                  Improving the detection of identity fraud in passport applications by integrating human and machine face recognition systems (Richard Kemp, School of Psychology – University of New South Wales

    1550-1610                  Evidence from social media background checks – an assessment of possibilities for the immigration purposes (Piotr Karasek, Department of Forensic and Investigative Sciences – University of Warsaw)

    1610-1630                  Concluding roundtable discussion (including Q&A session)

    1630                            Close


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